3 Blind Mice | Interactive

This is the most recent project I have completed this semester. This projects allowed me to think outside of conventional PDF standards and rethink they way we use digital media. Our instructor asked us to create a new way of thinking about a nursery rhyme, I choose Three Blind Mice, a personal favorite. When I was a kid, my brother and I would make our mom tell it to us. We are a family of animal lovers, but when I read the origins of the rhyme, I was shocked. I began to view this story very differently. So, I made this project about Animal Testing, specifically, tests conducted on mice. So away I went. I looked at all aspects of animal testing, from medical to personal grooming products, to physiological effects. I was amazed how many animals we test on each year.

Visually I wanted to display the stark and cruel intentions these mice have planed for them. I waned to images to be memorable and different from your normal article layout. There is a distinct relationship between type, color, images, and body copy layout. These relationship allow the message to really speak on it’s own. In it own voice. Personally I believe animal testing is relatively unnecessary, causing me to take a moral stand for whats right. In the past we needed animal testing to perfect cosmetics and drugs. Now we are using animals to experiment on, such as Brain chip processing, electro-shock pulsations in the brain, mice are being blinded, so we may try to cure them. These are things that a morally corrupt. Just because it’s a rodent or a monkey does not mean we can poison, drug, scar or kill them any which way we please.



About Chelsea Stewart

I am studying Graphic Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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