There will be a speech | Poster & Video Project

My movie is based on There Will be Blood and King’s Speech. these two movies correlate and are combined to create a new and very different take on both movies. There will be a speech incorporates the speaking and vocal elements of kings speech along with the greed and timeline of there will be blood. creating a marriage of elements that balances both films out. Conceptually the culmination of both films creates a stark and visual vibrant scenario, fill with history and rich in controversy. The movie credits where creating from the uses of ink and historical clout. The ink is suggestive of oil, which is a defining factor in there will be blood, as well as revenge, power, the power of ink and speech influences in history. The presidents and political figures represent the speaker that were influenced by this historical film. Influencing great historical speakers. 

Daniel Day Lewis, plays a stark, oil man who has made millions during the oil rush in the early 1900s. Plainview has a power and influences in the region, so he decides to go run for governor. But, he has trouble speaking in public. He hires a speech therapist, colon firth, George to help him with his speech etiquette issues. After a long and though time with his speaking, he finally overcomes his problems and gives the speech of his life. His story and speech helps pave the way for other great political speakers and influences today’s speeches and speakers. 

Final Video



About Chelsea Stewart

I am studying Graphic Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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