Process. Design. Repeat. | Introduction

In my own words, process is the act of gathering necessessary information about specific subjects, as to create a highly conceptual and well thought thru project. I look at it in like, if an architect only built a pretty building, it would topple and crumble. Because the architects job isn’t just to create beautiful things, but to create a structure that has integrity, it can adapt and it can sustain use over a long period of time. Architects look at this as added value to the society they are helping to create. I look at graphic design similarly, a graphic designer needs to carry a certain amount of integrity and social responsibility within the work they create. Graphic design, like architecture is a structure of society and culture. It has to be adaptable and the solution needs to present and represent quality.

As a student I have collected over 15 different ideation | sketch books. I anticipate I will have over 20+ sketchbooks by the time I graduate. I like to think of these books as place holders for my mind, I continually revert back to them to use some of my previous thoughts. Sometimes past ideas cane be great places to start. But, generally its just a start, I never use exactly what I had before, but piece by piece, it comes together to make a well rounded project. I encourage everyone, no matter your profession or interest to keep a ideation | sketchbook, become a sponge of knowledge. It does’t matter the subject, as long are you are gaining an understanding you didn’t have before.

There are a few good places to begin.

Web Designer Depot

Just Creative

David Airey

Telic Thoughts

TU Delft University- Netherlands


Design Sojourn


About Chelsea Stewart

I am studying Graphic Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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