OVVIO | Packaging

OVVIO [òv-vio] /ˈoːvvjo/ ovvio

evidente, logico, pacifico, scontato, naturale, comune, usuale

Naturale [na-tu-rà-le] /natuˈraːle/ naturale


The Structure of a honey bee society is very similar to that of our own. When approaching the conceptualization of this project, I had several ideas. So where fun approached, others where more intellectually invasive. I choose to make honey cupcake packaging, design around the structure and natural formation of bee life. I found the best way to communicate their way of life by the sub structure of their hive, though my work I suggest the form and fiction to be identical to that of a bee’s. highlighting each role a single bee might have in their colony.

A bee’s roles and rituals are highly important to the overall success of the colony. What I found the most fascinating about bee’s was the utilization of all subjects within the colony. Every bee has a purpose, they take all of these tasks seriously and are willing to do anything for the goals of the colony and queen. Layered from top to bottom, each cupcake goes in to explanation of each bee role. I chose honey from all over the planet to represent the flavors, this is important because no matter the counrty or distance, bee structures are identical. Temperament is the only discerning fact. Each box contains enough mix to bake four cupcakes. By researching bee’s I was able to create real connections and valid relationship between food and bees, two of my most favorite things.

The Structure:

Worker Bee
Honey Bee
Male Bee
Queen Bee


About Chelsea Stewart

I am studying Graphic Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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